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The disease of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence often results in harsh pain: emotional – physical – spiritual – financial – legal.

NCADD's founder Marty Mann understood very clearly that alcoholism and drug dependence is a disease that affects people in the communities where they live. People suffer in their homes and at their workplaces. Families and friends are affected in the same homes and in the same communities.

It was Marty's vision then, as it is NCADD's Mission now, to reach the doorsteps of those suffering from alcoholism and drug dependence and to offer the information, support, treatment and education services needed to combat this debilitating illness. Her message of prevention, treatment and ongoing education is woven into the fabric of NCADD's National Network of Affiliates. In each and every one of the NCADD Affiliate offices across the U.S., dedicated staff and volunteers are available to help individuals, families and entire communities discover a path of recovery – a life free from addiction to alcohol and drugs.

The NCADD National Network of Affiliates also works with the media, as well as federal, state and local policy makers and government to enhance prevention and research. From across the country, our Affiliates provide information and referral for individuals and families, as well as advocacy services to help NCADD raise public awareness and support.

If you are considering becoming an Affiliate, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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