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NCADD Affiliate of the Month - September: Houston, TX

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About the Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston 


The mission of The Council is to keep their community healthy, productive and safe by providing services and information to all who may be adversely affected by alcohol and drugs. The vision of The Council is a metropolitan Houston in which substance abuse is no longer a major community problem; all people who experience alcohol, drug or related problems have access to effective, affordable services that address their needs; and that individuals and organizations shrug off the shame and stigma currently attached to substance abuse.



The Core beliefs of The Council include:
Believing that alcohol and drug abuse can be prevented through early education and intervention. 
Believing that long-term recovery from substance abuse and addiction is both possible and worth our best efforts for every individual. 
Believing that the tremendous costs of substance abuse and addiction for our society and its individuals justify our efforts to reduce the incidence of substance abuse and addiction. 
Believing that children should not have to suffer the consequences of their parents' substance abuse and addiction. 
Believing that the community stigma associated with alcohol and drug abuse can be reduced through education and information. 
Believing that a full range of complementary services is the best means of addressing the complex issue of substance abuse and addiction in greater Houston. 
Believing in testing the effectiveness and efficiency of our current services, in evaluating new programs, and in continually improving our ability to serve the community.

In their last fiscal year alone, The Council provided direct services to approximately 65,000 unduplicated clients. More than 46,000 attendees visited The Council for events, lectures and workshops sponsored or co-sponsored by their organization. In addition, their website had 265,000 visits by people seeking information on topics surrounding alcohol and drugs – from prevention to abuse, addiction and recovery – and by those wanting to learn how to access Council services.


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Wednesday, 21 February 2024