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SPOTLIGHT: Camden County (NJ) Affiliate’s Parenting Programs

SPOTLIGHT: Camden County (NJ) Affiliate’s Parenting Programs

The Camden County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Inc. (CCCADA) offers several programs designed to help parents guide their children through changes in development. Here are some of those programs.

1, 2, 3, 4 Parents!
This program, written by national parenting experts, teaches about children’s stages of development and how parents can help them through those changes. The course covers:

  • Discipline methods that work;
  • How to prevent problems such as tantrums;
  • Ways to build a loving bond with your child;
  • The best ways to childproof your home;
  • How to care for your child at different ages and stages;
  • Great ways to care for yourself.

The program consists of three 2-hour sessions for up to 20 parents.

Active Parenting Today
This program is for parenting children ages 2-12 and is a video–based, discussion-oriented program to equip parents with skills that are crucial in raising children to make wise choices in their lives, including the decision to be drug-free. Active Parenting Today is sensitive to those topics and shows how to address them as well as talk them through as a family. In each session, you will:

  • Discover how to eliminate power struggles with discipline skills that really work, such as a method of choice;
  • Learn how to develop your children’s pride and inner strength, teach them a true sense of responsibility, and other important skills;
  • Learn how to effectively talk about tobacco, alcohol and other drugs with your children
  • Get to know other concerned parents.

Active Parenting Today consists of six 2-hour sessions for small groups up to 20 parents.

Active Parenting of Teens
This program, designed for parenting 12-17 year olds, is based on a program by parenting expert Dr. Michael H. Popkin. It includes a video and group discussion to help gain cooperation from teenagers and avoid common teen conflicts. The Active Parenting workshop helps families stay close, even through the turbulent teen years. The program:

  • builds courage and self esteem;
  • helps teens develop responsibility;
  • demonstrates how to avoid communication blocks;
  • increases cooperation;
  • uses positive discipline skills;
  • teaches how to work with teens to prevent or resolve problems, including problems relating to drugs, sexuality, and violence.

Active Parenting of Teens consists of six, 2-hour sessions for small groups up to 20 parents.

Active Parenting Leadership Certification
This program prepares educators and other individuals to lead the Active Parenting Programs. It is a full-day workshop for 5-15 participants—educators, school volunteers, community group members and is useful also for those involved with children and their parents.

For more information:
Camden County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Inc.
Naomi Hubbard, Executive Director
1 Alpha Ave, Suite 22
Voorhees, NJ 08043
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