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SPOTLIGHT: Ridgeland, MS Affiliate’s Underage Drinking Prevention Program


In 2008, in collaboration with DREAM, Inc., the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence of Central Mississippi (NCADD) formed the Mississippi Underage Drinking Prevention Coalition of Madison and Rankin Counties (MUDPC) and was selected by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse to implement the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant.

DREAM, Inc. was a nonprofit organization that worked to prevent youth substance abuse and promote healthy life styles through developing and providing effective products and services for schools, communities and businesses. It recently closed its operation, but NCADD continues to operate the Coalition.

Although the Strategic Prevention Framework Incentive no longer provides funding, NCADD has continued MUDPC ‘s mission and vision by collaborating with the Mississippi Tobacco Free Coalition of Madison, Yazoo and Holmes Counties and with the Partnership for a Healthy MS. The two coalitions bring awareness about the devastating effects of alcohol and tobacco (gateway drugs) to community leaders, parents, school and other professionals who have the same common goal.

The program’s goals are to:

  • Prevent and/or reduce underage drinking consumption of alcohol and its related consequences
  • Reduce alcohol-related expulsions and suspensions
  • Reduce DUI arrests under 21
  • Reduce alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes/deaths

The program operates under the guidance of the following Committees:

Publicity/Event Planning
This committee’s responsibilities include assisting MUDPC in planning, organizing and executing special events such as Alcohol Awareness Month, press conferences, legislative rallies and other events; help to “get the word out” about these events through their various networks and media contacts; and review MUDPC public relations materials such as brochures, website content and other information to provide feedback on their effectiveness. This committee also ensures that materials are culturally competent.

Public Policy/Enforcement
This committee is responsible for analyzing local ordinances related to alcohol use and making recommendations to MUDPC about necessary changes to these ordinances in order to more effectively achieve MUDPC goals or how to actively participate in the public policy dialogue. The committee helps organize advocacy efforts or efforts designed to make policy makers aware of laws that are not supportive of underage drinking prevention.

This committee is responsible for assisting MUDPC in efforts to sustain its programs. The committee works with the Evidence-based Practices/Program committee to ensure that positive program outcomes are sustained.

Evidence-based Practices/Programs
This committee is responsible for reviewing practices and programs to be implemented by MUDPC to determine their relevance for the target population and ensuring their cultural competence and feasibility. The committee also assists MUDPC in addressing any implementation barriers, reviewing evaluation data, ensuring youth involvement in the coalition, and identifying other practices and programs that may need to be implemented.

The Mississippi Underage Drinking Prevention Coalition’s vision is to see every youth in Madison and Rankin Counties alcohol-free. Its mission is to create a clear community consensus that underage drinking is illegal, unhealthy and unacceptable.

For more information:
Daisy Carter, Executive Director
NCADD of the Central Mississippi Area, Inc.
875 Northpark Drive, Suite 600
Ridgeland MS 39157

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