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Modern Technology Can Have a Role in Addiction Recovery

Modern Technology Can Have a Role in Addiction Recovery

In 2016, people rely more and more on technology to make their lives easier in a variety of ways.

A recent article in US News & World Report noted that video communication is available to anyone with a cell phone or computer, virtual reality is becoming increasingly common and there seems to be an app for almost every need, no matter how obscure.

The article goes on to add that readily available modern technology tools are being utilized by doctors and researchers to make people healthier. In fact, a number of the same tools people use to play games or chat with friends are also being put to use to combat alcohol and drug addiction, revolutionizing the way the disease is treated.

Some examples of technology’s use in recovery include:

  • The Alcoholics Anonymous "Big Book" which is currently available in the iTunes store
  • The website Sober Grid (available at helps patients find immediate support based on their current location.
  • Other apps help track alcohol consumption or provide motivational messages to users, and some even employ the video functions on phones and computers to connect patients and physicians instantly.
  • Squirrel Recovery gives former addicts the opportunity to create their own support groups entirely based in a digital world. Members can check in on each other's well-being, and if someone is feeling low or at risk, their peers can offer immediate assistance.

Thanks to apps like the aforementioned ones, an entire support system is available at the push of a button – and anyone can access recovery assistance no matter how far they live from the nearest rehabilitation program.

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