Increase in Street Drug Laced With Bug Spray Reported in Indiana


Indianapolis authorities are reporting an increase in overdoses of a street drug known as KD, which is laced with bug spray. The drug produces zombie-like effects, according to U.S. News & World Report. People are creating the drug by spraying heavy-duty bug sprays such as Raid, which have high concentrations of pesticides called pyrethroids, on substances such as marijuana and tobacco. KD is highly addictive, and even a small dose can be dangerous, the authorities warn. The drug can cause the inability to walk, breathe or speak. People using the drug appear to be in a catatonic state, the article notes. Dr. Daniel Rusyniak of the Indiana Poison Center told WRTV-TV a big concern about KD is the easy accessibility of bug spray. “They no longer have to drive to a shady street corner,” he said. “They can get on the internet and they can order this and it can be...

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