Become a Volunteer

NCADD and many of its NCADD Affiliates rely on volunteers to help further our mission. Whether it is to join a committee, assist with logistical support for local events, participate in fundraisers, Recovery Month celebrations, prepare mailings, or answer telephones, your help can make a profound difference.  

“Giving back” is a proud and rewarding tradition within the recovery community. Those who have dealt with their own addiction or the addiction of others extend a hand to those seeking recovery and, in the process, achieve a deeper commitment to their own recovery. Many have reported that in return for their time and talents they have received benefits that far exceeded their expectations or what they feel they contributed.

Through their volunteering, many:

  • Felt needed and valued
  • Made a difference in someone’s life
  • Broadened their sober social contacts and met new people
  • Learned new skills
  • Increased their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Learned that they had skills they were unaware of
  • Contributed to their own community
  • Got purpose to their day, particularly for those who had lost jobs
  • Received satisfaction from completing a task
  • Felt a part of something larger than themselves
  • Felt proud of their commitment
  • Found a place to share their talents or skills

So, instead of considering volunteering as something you might do for NCADD, begin to think of it as an exchange. Peers helping peers is important in helping people sustain their own recovery. 

Volunteers wishing to give back receive preliminary training on what it means to be a volunteer and what role they can play in helping others achieve and sustain recovery.

For more information about volunteering, contact your local NCADD Affiliate.

Last modified onSunday, 07 November 2021 12:39