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Do you have a story or experience that you want to share with others?

Personal experience provides the heartbeat of recovery and NCADD seeks to publish stories that reflect the full diversity of experience and opinion found within the recovering community.

Is your experience something you think would help others? Have you had an experience or a moment of understanding that has helped you in recovery? How have you or your family been able to address active addiction and embrace long-term recovery?

If you are interested in sharing your experience, strength and hope with others, use the following form to send NCADD your story. If possible, we would like to include a photo to illustrate your story – perhaps a picture of the town where you live or something particularly related to the story itself.

Note: Your story may be edited for the purposes of clarity, length and style.

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We would like to include a picture with your story. It can be a place or image that helps tell your story and will greatly improve the presentation of your story. You can upload a picture of your choice but please do not show faces or places that may be easily identified. We will edit pictures for content and reserve the right not to use the image. Images should be no bigger than 3MB in size.  By uploading an image you give NCADD the rights to use the image on its Website and Social Media pages, you must also confirm that you own the image or the copyright.

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