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Don't Give Up Before the Miracles Happen

My name is Tara and I am a recovering alcoholic. I remember always feeling less then. Never being good enough. Just wanting to be accepted for me.  To be able to have my own voice and not care about the influence of others. Something was always missing inside. I thought alcohol solved all my problems and took away all my insecurities. My mom sent me to many treatment centers. It wasn’t until I realized for myself that my life was out of control and I was slowly dying that I could be open to get help for myself. In treatment I found God again, but this time was different. The day that I let go of everything and accepted that I have no control over people, places or things, only over myself, I began to heal. I forgave myself and others. Sobriety has given me a life I never imagined possible. It is possible if you’re sick and tired. You are worth life, health and happiness. Let me be an example. Don't let others dictate your future. Start living today. Acceptance is the key to all my problems today.

Phoenix, AZ


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